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Registration Process



  1. Fill in and submit the Registration Form (F-E-001-17-18)
  2. Submit all needed documents


Documents Needed

  • Recent photo (Passport size)
  • Copy of the Identity Card or Individual Civil Extract
  • Copy of the Civil Family Extract
  • Vaccination Booklet
  • Copy of the last two consecutive Report Cards (Final Report Cards)

**all copies should be presented along with the original documents.


Secondary students / Lebanese Program

(Additional Documents)

  • Copy of the Lebanese Brevet Diploma


*** The decision of the Admission Committee concerning your son / daughter’s file will be transmitted by phone by Monday March 2, 2017. ***

PHASE II.      (For accepted files only)


  1. Pay the Opening File Fees (100 USD or 150.000 LBP)
  2. Communicate the process:
  • Meeting date with the Principal or Vice-Principal
  • Entrance Exam dates (F-E-012-17-18)


*** Final decision of the Admission Committee will be transmitted by email and/or by phone ***

PHASE III.     (For accepted students only)

Confirmation of registration

  1. Pay Registration Fees (400 USD or 600.000 LBP)
  2. Submit required documents to confirm the registration


Documents required upon confirmation of registration

  • Medical Sheet (F-E-010-17-18)
  • Behavior Letter from the previous school
  • Last Report Card holding the decision of the previous school
  • Letter from the previous school holding the final decision and certified by the Lebanese National Ministry of Education
  • Official Exemption delivered by the Commission of Equivalence at the Lebanese Ministry of Education (For High School Program Applicants)